Celebrate Your Open Source Impact with Vaunt during Hacktoberfest 2023

Celebrate Your Open Source Impact with Vaunt during Hacktoberfest 2023

October is a special month for open-source communities worldwide. October 1st marks the beginning of the 10th annual Hacktoberfest by DigitalOcean!

Open-source software powers most of the technologies we use every day. According to the Open Source initiative, open source continues to thrive. In a recent survey, 80% of respondents indicated that they increased the use of open-source software in their organizations in the past year, with 41% reporting a “significant” increase.

The collaborative power of developers all over the world working together to build open-source solutions is truly amazing. Hacktoberfest celebrates these open-source contributions and encourages more participation.

This year at Hacktoberfest 2023, we invite you to use Vaunt to highlight your open-source work.

If you are new to our community, Vaunt is a developer community platform that helps you showcase your skills, contributions, and earn achievements on open-source projects.

We are partnering with Answer and Keploy during Hacktoberfest. We’re also looking for more partners to help you maximize your success at Hacktoberfest.

  • Answer is a Q&A platform software for teams at any scale.

  • Keploy is an AI-based test case and stubs/mocks generator for e2e testing.

Following are a few ways to leverage Vaunt this Hacktoberfest season!

Vaunt Your Contributions

Making contributions to open source is a humbling and rewarding experience. Sadly, many contributions are not celebrated enough. We are working hard to change this and have several ways to get more visibility into developer contributions.

To do this, you can enable Vaunt developer cards on your Profile. Developer cards offer high-level statistics that summarize your open-source contributions in a visible way.

We also recently launched our community boards. Community boards provide additional analytic views on developer contributions at the user, organization, and repository levels. They are a great way to dive deeper into contributor activities.

You can add a badge directly in your readme to help users discover your community board. Each board has a simple markdown snippet that can be copied and added to your respective readme files.

Here is an example that links to one of our awesome partners!

[![Vaunt Community]([api.vaunt.dev/v1/github/entities/answerdev/..)

Here is the raw markdown that is available on the community page.

[![Vaunt Community](https://api.vaunt.dev/v1/github/entities/answerdev/repositories/answer/badges/community)](https://community.vaunt.dev/board/answerdev/repository/answer)

Set Goals and Earn Achievements

Perhaps our team’s favorite feature within Vaunt is our custom achievement system. Vaunt gives repository owners the ability to define custom achievements for their repository. We view these achievements as a codified contributing.md file for repositories.

Here is a quick glance at how powerful Vaunt’s achievement system is:

version: 0.0.1
  - achievement:
      name: Snake Charmer 
      icon: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elewis787/boa/develop/.vaunt/boa.png
      description: Charming snakes is no easy feat! 
        - trigger:
            actor: author
            action: star
            condition: starred = true
            operator: "&"
        - trigger:
            actor: author
            action: issue
            condition: labels in ['enhancement']
            operator: "|"
        - trigger: 
            actor: reviewers
            action: pull_request
            condition: count() > 1
            operator: '|'

The above example is an achievement that is earned when a user stars the repository and opens an issue-labeled enhancement or reviews a pull request!

Custom achievements are popping up all over the place. You can easily take advantage of this feature during Hacktoberfest and give contributors something to showcase long after the event is over.

Contribute to Vaunt

We have a number of awesome open-source tools that power Vaunt. Here are a few of our repositories that we tagged for Hacktoberfest 2023

Here are some additional examples of how Vaunt can showcase your Hacktoberfest contributions:

  • Unlock Vaunt special edition Hacktoberfest achievement badges.

  • Elevate your profile with Vaunt's developer card to highlight and showcase your contribution to repositories.

  • Visualize your contributions using our user board to see your total pull requests merged during Hacktoberfest

Lastly, We are hosting an awards ceremony at the end of October for all eligible Hacktoberfest participants.


Vaunt provides compelling incentives that motivate and recognize developers throughout Hacktoberfest and year-round. This Hacktoberfest, sync up your open-source contributions with Vaunt and start earning achievements for your work.

Head over to GitHub Marketplace and connect your GitHub account to start leveling up your open-source profile with Vaunt. We can't wait to see all the amazing contributions and achievements from this community during Hacktoberfest and beyond!

To stay in the loop on future developments follow us on Twitter or join our Discord!