Celebrating Open-Source Excellence

Celebrating Open-Source Excellence

Key partner leverages Vaunt for a doc improvement hackathon


Our partner looked to Vaunt, a platform for open-source communities, to successfully distribute digital badges to participants in their docs improvement hackathon, encouraging contributions to their documentation and fostering a stronger community around the project.


Manual badge distribution for a large event can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Our partner needed a solution that could

  • Automate badge issuance: Eliminate manual work and ensure accurate badge delivery.

  • Personalize badges: Allow custom badge design using their brand guidance.

  • Recognize and award participants: Award badges based on specific participation criteria, such as PR, issue, etc.


Our partner integrated Vaunt with several of their GitHub Doc repositories, allowing seamless achievement awards based on predefined criteria for participation scores. For example, participants who completed specific tasks or contributed content received corresponding scores, and the top five contributors earned special badges.


  • Increased efficiency: Automated badge distribution saved our partner significant time and resources.

  • Improved accuracy: Manual errors were eliminated, ensuring everyone received the correct badge.

  • Enhanced engagement: Personalized badges motivated participants and boosted community spirit.

  • Valuable data insights: Data provided by Vaunt on badge acquisition and engagement will aid future event planning.


  • Badge distribution: Vaunt successfully issued over 70 digital badges to docs improvement hackathon participants.

  • Positive feedback: Participants praised the personalized badges and appreciated valuable recognition for their contributions.

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