Keploy Leverages Vaunt to Celebrate Developer Contributions

Keploy Leverages Vaunt to Celebrate Developer Contributions

A Case Study on the Impact of Vaunt's Recognition Platform


Keploy, a cutting-edge API testing platform, faced the challenge of effectively engaging their developer community and showcasing the real-world impact of their contributions. With a mission to simplify API testing through automation and minimize manual effort, Keploy sought innovative ways to acknowledge and motivate their community.


Despite Keploy’s innovative approach to automating API testing, they had difficulties engaging their rapidly growing developer community and effectively recognizing individual contributions.

Solution: Collaborative Effort During Hacktoberfest

Keploy and Vaunt collaborated during Hacktoberfest, a month-long celebration of open-source contributions, to spotlight developers who made significant contributions to Keploy’s platform.

Hacktoberfest #1 - Recognize, Celebrate and Connect open source Developers.

  • Implementation Process: Keploy devised a strategy to utilize Vaunt’s unique features, integrating them with Keploy’s Hacktoberfest activities to enhance participant recognition and engagement.

  • Digital Badges for Contributors: Custom digital badges were created to acknowledge and reward developers for their contributions during Hacktoberfest, making their achievements visible and shareable.

  • Community Analytics: Keploy leveraged Vaunt’s analytics to monitor engagement levels and identify active contributors, enabling the team to better understand community dynamics and tailor communications.


6/1/2023–8/31/2023 (Without Vaunt)

Keploy Github Repo Without Vaunt

9/1/2023–11/30/2023 (With Vaunt)

Keploy Github Repo With Vaunt


  • 100% increase in commit quarterly

  • 300% increase in issue opens quarterly

  • 900% increase in issue comments quarterly

  • 100% increase in PR opens quarterly

  • 200% increase in PR comments quarterly

  • 900% increase in review quarterly

  • 100% increase in stars quarterly

“This collaboration not only improved Keploy’s ability to connect with a broader audience but also offered deep insights into the effectiveness of their engagement strategies, setting a new standard in celebrating and motivating open-source contributors.” Animesh Pathak, founding DevRel engineer


Keploy’s collaboration with Vaunt transformed their approach to community engagement, turning recognition into a powerful tool for motivation and connection. As Keploy continues to grow, the insights gained from this partnership will guide community strategies, ensuring Keploy’s developer ecosystem remains vibrant and engaged.

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