Level Up Your Contribution Guidelines

Level Up Your Contribution Guidelines

Gamification and Insights with Vaunt

Tech writers are the unsung heroes of open-source projects, meticulously crafting the roadmaps that guide contributions toward success. The creation of contributing guidelines is just the beginning; the true challenge lies in ensuring that these carefully curated instructions are followed. How can tech writers confirm that developers are adhering to the guidelines they’ve so thoughtfully composed?

Enter Vaunt, the beacon for tech writers in the open-source sea. Vaunt breathes life into static contributing.md files, transforming them into dynamic, interactive, and trackable components of open-source projects. With Vaunt, tech writers have a robust solution at their fingertips to codify their contribution guidelines and gain valuable insights into developer behavior through gamification elements. Let’s delve into how Vaunt revolutionizes the way we think about contribution guidelines.

1. Codify Contributing Guidelines

Vaunt enables you to transform your contributing.md file into a structured, interactive format. Instead of static text, you can:

  • Create clear steps: Break down contribution processes into clear, actionable steps that developers can easily follow.

  • Define contribution types: Differentiate various types of contributions, such as bug fixes, feature enhancements, and documentation improvements.

  • Set expectations: Clearly outline the expectations for code quality, formatting, and testing procedures.

This codified format makes your contributing guidelines more user-friendly and ensures that developers have a clear understanding of what’s required.

2. Track Contribution Activity

Vaunt goes beyond simply presenting the guidelines. It actively tracks how developers interact with them, incorporating gamification elements to enhance engagement so you can:

  • Identify common issues: Analyze developer activity to see which parts of the contributing guidelines are frequently overlooked or misunderstood.

  • Monitor contribution types: Gain insights into the types of contributions developers are making, allowing you to identify areas that need more focus or support.

By analyzing this data, tech writers can:

  • Refine contributing guidelines: Identify areas for improvement and update the guidelines to address common issues or confusion.

  • Provide targeted support: Focus their efforts on areas where developers need more guidance or clarification.

  • Demonstrate the impact of their work: Showcase the value of clear contributing guidelines in ensuring project quality and efficiency.

3. Foster a Collaborative Community with Gamification

Vaunt fosters a collaborative environment by:

  • Encouraging open communication: Developers can easily ask questions and clarify doubts directly within the codified guidelines, promoting open communication with maintainers.

  • Providing recognition: Vaunt allows you to create custom badges to recognize developers for their diligence in following the Contributing.md file.

  • Gamification elements: Vaunt incorporates additional gamification elements, such as leaderboards, points systems, and community boards, to further incentivize participation and make contributing a more engaging experience.

Real-World Example: Codifying Our Own Contributing.md File

Here’s an example of how we codified our contributing.md file using Vaunt:

Creating Achievement

First, we utilized Contributing.md generator to start our documentation—but we didn’t stop there. Next, we customized the documentation, codifying our contributing.md file by adding these three achievements:

Star the Repo 🌟

Earn the Mas Tqla badge by starring Tqla. It’s a simple yet powerful way to support our project.

Report a Bug 🐛

Spot a bug? Add a bug label to your issue report. Once confirmed, you’ll be awarded the Bug Hunter badge as a thank you for keeping Tqla robust.

Suggest an Enhancement ⚡

Have a feature in mind? Label your enhancement suggestion with enhancement. If we implement it, you’ll receive the Innovator badge for your visionary input.

Automatic Badge Awards

Secondly, we configure Vaunt achievements to track your impact and award developers’ contributions. Our system automatically awards developers who reach those achievements.

version: 0.0.1 
  - achievement:
      name: Mas Tqla!
      icon: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VauntDev/tqla/main/.vaunt/mas_tqla.png
      description: uno mas, dba..., one more, mas tqla!   
        - trigger:
            actor: author
            action: star
            condition: starred = true
    - achievement: 
      name: Tqla Honey Bee
      icon: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VauntDev/tqla/main/.vaunt/tqla_honey_bee.png
      description: We bee-lieve in you! This achievement celebrates your first bug report, helping make Tqla sweeter than ever.
        - trigger:
            actor: author
            action: issue
            condition: labels in ['bug'] & reactors in ['elewis787', 'jeff10110322', 'simonmazzaroth']
    - achievement: 
      name: Mojito Tqla
      icon: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VauntDev/tqla/main/.vaunt/mojito_tqla.png
      description: Your enhancement's a delight! Thanks for making Tqla even brighter than night.
        - trigger:
            actor: author
            action: issue
            condition: labels in ['enhancement'] & reactors in ['elewis787', 'jeff10110322', 'simonmazzaroth']

The above example can be found in our TQLA repository. You can also learn more about how to set up your own achievements.

Community Boards

Third, we utilize Vaunt Community Boards to provide community statistics, repository insights, and a view into repository achievements.

Vaunt Community Boards provide a powerful platform for:

  • Tracking project growth: Monitor key metrics like commits, issues closed, and stars to gauge the overall health and popularity of your open-source project.

  • Identifying community trends: Gain insights into developer behavior and contribution patterns to understand how your community is evolving.

  • Showcasing individual contributions: Recognize and celebrate the contributions of individual developers and teams through achievements and leaderboards.

Vaunt Community Board - TQLA


In a nutshell, Vaunt is revolutionizing the way tech writers support and interact with open-source communities. By turning static guidelines into dynamic tools for collaboration, encouraging engagement through gamification, and providing a platform for recognition, Vaunt ensures that the expertise of tech writers doesn’t just inform—it also inspires and transforms. Dive into the future of open-source contribution with Vaunt, where every guideline is a gateway to greater impact and every contribution is an opportunity for celebration.

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