Vaunt.Dev Blasts Off

Vaunt.Dev Blasts Off

A New Path for Building Developer Communities

In the world of software development, the role of the community cannot be understated. The combined power of developers sharing knowledge and collaborating drives innovation and growth in the industry.

Understanding the value of this collaboration, we decided to build Vaunt, a developer relations platform. Vaunt aims to become the leading platform for organizations and developers to build and nurture thriving developer communities. By offering a personalized developer relations platform, Vaunt provides the essential tools and features to facilitate healthy community growth.

We have officially launched Vaunt on Product Hunt. Install Vaunt today!


In the quest to strengthen developer connections and growth, we built Vaunt.

Vaunt aspires to be the platform that empowers organizations and developers alike to build thriving and inclusive communities.

Vaunt's primary goals are as follows:

  1. Community Growth: Vaunt seeks to be the go-to platform that helps organizations grow their developer communities by providing a range of features. These features enable organizations to create engaging and inclusive spaces for developers to collaborate and contribute.

  2. Developer Engagement: Vaunt aims to encourage active participation and engagement from developers within the community. By providing features that showcase developers' expertise, experience, and contributions, Vaunt empowers developers to establish their professional profiles and strengthen their connections with peers.

Key Features

To achieve this vision, Vaunt offers a range of powerful features designed to foster engagement, recognition, and collaboration within developer communities. These features include:

  1. Developer Cards: Vaunt offers an open-source-level system that allows developers to showcase their experience and expertise in open-source technologies. This feature enables developers to demonstrate their skills and knowledge, fostering recognition and credibility within the community.

  2. Standard and Custom Achievements: Vaunt provides the ability to create custom achievements related to open-source contributions. Organizations can set goals or milestones and Developers can earn achievements based on their accomplishments. This feature promotes personal growth, encourages continuous learning, and celebrates individual contributions. Vaunt offers a number of free standard achievements that are tailored for projects that are just getting started.

  3. Community Cards: Vaunt introduces a community card feature that provides insights into the health and vibrancy of an organization's developer communities. This feature allows organizations to showcase the diversity and engagement within their communities, attracting new contributors and fostering collaboration.

  4. API Services: Vaunt offers API services that allow users and organizations to integrate their levels, achievements, and community scores into various mediums, such as GitHub readmes and social profiles. This integration enables seamless display and sharing of accomplishments, further enhancing developers' professional presence.

Getting Started

To get started with Vaunt, we recommend heading over to our documentation site. Vaunt is available as a Github App and can be easily installed through the GitHub UI.

After installing Vaunt, contribution data will begin being populated to the platform. Contribution data is simply the collection of data from the git repository that Vaunt has access to. This consists of Issues, Commits, Pull Requests, Discussions, and other data points GitHub makes available.

For developers, Vaunt's API can be used to return developer statistics cards and any achievement that has been earned from repositories that have enabled Vaunt. For repository owners, Vaunt's API can be used to showcase the top contributors of a repository.

We will be continuing to release new features that aim to showcase the contributors that are fueling your developer community.

Developer Cards

Developer cards are designed to be embedded on GitHub Profile pages via profile readmes. These cards aim to provide more visibility into how developers engage with various public or private projects.

Developer Cards are free and always will be! Consider them our love letter to developers 🥰

After installing Vaunt, all it takes is a few lines of HTML added to your GitHub Profile readme file.

Here is a simple example:

  <a href="">
    <img src="{{githubusername}}/contributions?format=svg&private=true" width="350" />

Custom Achievements

Similar to developer cards, developers can use Vaunt's API to embed Achievements they have earned! Furthermore, Vaunt gives repository owners the ability to define a set of standard achievements as well as complex custom achievements.

Here is an example configuration file for Vaunt's free standard achievements:

version: 0.0.1
  - achievement:
      name: Shooting Star
      description: Awarded for staring our repository, make a wish!
        - trigger:
            actor: author
            action: star
            condition: starred = true
  - achievement:
      name: Every Bit Counts
      description: No commit is to small!
        - trigger:
            actor: author
            action: commit
            condition: count() >= 1
  - achievement:
      name: Pull Request Hero
      description: You're a PR hero, rock on!
        - trigger:
            actor: author
            action: pull_request
            condition: merged = true
  - achievement:
      name: Closer
      description: Only closers get coffee!
        - trigger:
            actor: author
            action: issue
            condition: closed = true

The above example can be found in our public examples repository

Achievements are a fun way to give contributors a guide to contributing to your project. Achievements can be customized to fit the outcomes you want to drive through contributions.

Here are a few use cases that Vaunt can drive:

  • Issue resolution: Award users for opening, closing, or commenting on issues. Adding this achievement encourages users to review open issues and actively participate in seeing them resolved.

  • Speed of pull request review: Give a fun achievement when a pull request is reviewed and merged. Adding this achievement shows you value the time a developer takes to engage by reviewing code.

  • Starring: Like it or not, stars matter! Stars offer a quick glance metric that typically gives a sense of community size and scale. By offering this achievement, developers can celebrate being in your star-gazing club.

  • Adding docs or tests: Using Vaunt, you can add achievements that encourage types of files to be added. This can be a way to encourage contributors to add more tests or to update documentation.

All in all, the possibilities with custom achievements in Vaunt are nearly endless. We can't wait to see what you come up with and how we can help drive what matters for your project.

Below is an example GitHub profile leveraging developer cards and showcasing awarded achievements.

The above example illustrates how vaunt can be leveraged in the wild.


In short, we help you celebrate the contributors in your developer communities!

With Vaunt, organizations and developers can create an environment that nurtures talent, accelerates project development, and drives innovation in the software development industry.

Vaunt is available today! The first 100 application installs will gain access to Vaunt for free.

We are just getting started! To stay in the loop on future developments follow us on Twitter or join our Discord! Don't hesitate to make feature requests.

Get started vaunting your contributors today!