Unwrap GitHub Organization Contributions in 2023

Unwrap GitHub Organization Contributions in 2023

Showcase your organization’s community wins with Vaunt

As 2023 draws to a close and 2024 begins, you’ve probably noticed many individual contributors proudly displaying their personal GitHub wraps, highlighting their yearly accomplishments. This may lead you to wonder, Why isn’t there a similar year-end summary for organizations?

That’s exactly what we at Vaunt have been pondering. We recognize that organizations play a vital role in shaping the open-source landscape, and we see an opportunity to focus on their collective achievements and milestones. This review is not only a recognition of the work of the past year, but also an affirmation and inspiration for the future.

In the collaborative spirit of open source, we believe that organizations, just like individual contributors, deserve to celebrate their annual journey. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Vaunt’s Organization GitHub Wrap, a feature designed specifically for organizations to celebrate their year on GitHub.

Visit https://community.vaunt.dev/github/wrapped/2023 to begin your journey

What Is Vaunt’s Organization GitHub Wrap?

Vaunt’s Organization GitHub Wrap is a year-end summary tailored for organizations managing projects on GitHub. It provides a comprehensive, visually appealing, and data-driven recap of your project’s performance over the year. Covering metrics such as number of repositories created, issues opened and closed, and more, this feature is custom-built to reflect the unique dynamics and accomplishments of your open-source initiatives.

Key Features and Benefits

Highlight Community Achievements: Celebrate your project’s significant breakthroughs, showcasing the journey and progress made over the year.

Engage Your Community: Share your GitHub Wrap with your community and stakeholders, not just as a report, but also as a story of collective success, enhancing engagement and solidarity.

Get Started With Your Organization GitHub Wrap

Embrace the year-end celebration with Vaunt’s Organization GitHub Wrap. Visit https://community.vaunt.dev/github/wrapped/2023 to begin your journey. It’s time to turn data into stories and numbers into narratives—and wrap up the year on a high note.

How It Works

Generating your organization’s GitHub Wrap with Vaunt is a seamless process. Simply enter a GitHub organization name into the website. Vaunt uses the public GitHub API to collect fascinating insights about the repos owned by the organization, and the data is beautifully transformed into a formatted SVG wrap.

This wrap isn’t just a summary—it’s a celebration of your year’s journey in code, designed to be shared and enjoyed. Perfect for social media highlights, community forum discussions, or as part of your internal team showcases.

But Vaunt does more than just recap annual statistics; it’s a gateway to deeper community engagement and insights. By installing Vaunt, you gain access to much more granular details and data about your community. Install Vaunt today and start uncovering the deeper story behind your community's contributions.

Why Choose Vaunt’s Organization GitHub Wrap?

Vaunt’s Organization GitHub Wrap goes beyond statistics; it’s a testament to your community’s dedication, progress, and collaborative spirit. Suited for organizations of all sizes, from emerging startups to established enterprises, the wrap serves as a mirror reflecting your project’s vitality and community health.

Good news—it also supports the same metrics for individual users! You can leverage your wrap and share it on your social media to highlight your personal contributions as well.


As the open-source world continues to evolve and expand, Vaunt’s Organization GitHub Wrap stands as a beacon of celebration and insight. It’s more than a tool; it’s a reflection of your journey and triumphs, and the unyielding spirit of collaboration that drives the open-source community. As 2024 unfolds, we eagerly anticipate the rich, detailed insights that next year's 2024 wrap will reveal. Join us in embracing a more insightful and rewarding way to conclude your year in open source.

Vaunt is a powerful tool that helps you showcase your developer contributions. With Vaunt, you can create meaningful, interactive SVG cards that celebrate your community’s achievements and contributions. You can also use Vaunt’s public API to get data on contributions. And even leverage Vaunt for hero programs or to host hackathons.

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